XOCIETY Unveils New Pop Extraction Game Mode & Event for Players

XOCIETY Unveils New Pop Extraction Game Mode & Event for Players

Play To Earn Games | 11 Jul 2024 15:03 UTC

Fresh Horizons in Gaming: An Insider's Look at XOCIETY's Breakthrough Playtest Event

Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts and explorers of virtual worlds! XOCIETY, an innovative AAA gaming metaverse, is gearing up for its most extensive playtest event to date. This thrilling occurrence, known as the Pop Extraction Spotlight Test, is set to dazzle participants from July 15th to 22nd. For anyone who revels in the fusion of player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) dynamics, mingled with the intrigue of RPG mechanics, this is an event you won't want to miss.

Fresh $7.5 Million in Funding

The buzz around XOCIETY has been building for a while, and rightly so. Recently, the brains behind this ultra-modern metaverse have successfully raised a whopping $7.5 million in a pre-Series A funding round. This financial endorsement is backed by some of the most distinguished investors in the tech and gaming spheres, including Hashed and the Sui Foundation. Their belief in XOCIETY's potential signals a promising horizon for this gaming revolution.

Pop Extraction Spotlight Test and Event

So, what's the scoop on the Pop Extraction Spotlight Test? Scheduled over an 8-day marathon, this event invites warriors and strategists to dive into solo or team-based battles. Imagine a battleground that morphs and twists, offering endless gameplay variability and strategic possibilities. This is what participants can look forward to, with sessions planned twice daily to accommodate global time zones.

How to Participate?

Getting into the heart of the action is straightforward. Gamers eager to leap into XOCIETY's universe simply need to head over to the official platform and preregister by connecting their digital wallet and signing in. Instant gratification comes in the form of 10 NTx tokens awarded upon registration, with the possibility of amassing 80 more tokens by actively participating throughout the event's duration. For those hunting for even greater rewards, securing an Extraction Crate could unlock an array of special perks, including unique weapon skins and entry into an elite 1,000,000 NTx pool.

Reward Pools

Participants stand to win from a diverse pool of rewards:

  • 2 million NTx tokens distributed among various gameplay achievements.
  • An exclusive $20,000 worth of League of Kingdom NFTs, earmarked for those completing the full 8-day event.
  • A generous spread of 15,000 $SUI tokens and 10,000 GDX tokens, doled out to daily attendees.

What is NTx?

As the gaming world evolves, so does its economy. In XOCIETY, NTx tokens serve as the pulse of the virtual economy, rewarding players for their prowess and strategic gambits. These tokens are not just digital numbers. They are a testament to skill, a doorway to the game's vibrant market, and can be exchanged for $MCT, the heartbeat of XOCIETY's ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, XOCIETY's Pop Extraction Spotlight Test stands as a beacon, inviting all who wish to experience a new dimension of interactive entertainment. With over 2 million NTx tokens and a treasury of exclusive rewards at stake, this event is more than just a playtest. It's a celebration of gaming's future, beckoning players to dive in from July 15th to 22nd. The blend of shooter and RPG elements, paired with the economic twists, promises to deliver an unmatched gaming adventure. Ready to be part of this journey? Keep an eye on XOCIETY's official social platforms for more details.

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