Ember Sword Releases Early Access Preview and Announces Key Updates

Ember Sword Releases Early Access Preview and Announces Key Updates

Play To Earn Games | 09 Jul 2024 11:46 UTC

Embarking on the Journey: Ember Sword's Early Access Prologue Unveiled

Exciting times are ahead for the gaming community, especially for those eagerly awaiting the world of Ember Sword. With the recent revelation of "Part Two: Path to Prologue," the anticipation has only intensified. This update, a continuation of what was started with "Ultra Deep," dives into the recent progress, introduces us to the early access phase, and outlines what the future holds for this promising game. Let's explore the ins and outs of Ember Sword's forthcoming early access Prologue, showcasing innovative gameplay elements, testing phases, and economic systems.

Play Time Begins on July 12th

The countdown begins as the Ember Sword: Prologue is set to open its virtual doors for early access testing on the Test Net starting July 12th. Access to this phase will require meeting certain criteria such as owning Ember Sword land, holding or burning $EMBER badges, possessing a minimum of 5000 EMBER tokens, or being accepted into the Creator Program. This initial testing phase is crucial for gathering player feedback to refine and enhance the game's various components. Be prepared for intermittent downtime, as adjustments and server stability improvements will be ongoing. Additionally, character progress and specific account data may be reset during this phase.

Post-testing, all NFT and $EMBER transactions will migrate to the Main Net, enabling all on-chain items to be tradable via the blockchain. With continuous updates and improvements powered by Ember Sword's proprietary engine, the game will be accessible to all registered players around the clock following this transition.

What to Expect in Ember Sword: Prologue

The Prologue offers a firsthand experience of Ember Sword's evolving game world, focusing initially on the Solarwood region. Expect early versions of core gameplay and economy systems, with additional features and areas to be incorporated over time. Early content will include collectibles like character and weapon skins along with vibrant emotes. During the Prologue, NFTs and $EMBER will be of temporary use within the test servers. Following the transition to the Main Net, players will start reaping real rewards, including NFTs and $EMBER, with landowners getting a cut from in-game NFT trades.

The Early Access Advantage

Early access not only speeds up the game's release but also allows the small studio behind Ember Sword to fine-tune the game with direct community feedback. This collaborative approach ensures that the game not only meets but exceeds player expectations while maintaining long-term sustainability. Directly involving players in testing new features, particularly the economic model, is crucial for experiencing these innovations under real-world conditions.

Differences Between Prologue and Full Release

Weapons 2.0

A primary focus of the Prologue is on enhancing how gameplay feels, especially concerning weapons. The first major update, titled "Weapons 2.0," revamps weapon mechanics, starting with the balanced offensive and defensive capabilities of the Sword and Shield. Future updates will refine additional weapon types, promising an ever-evolving combat experience.

Solarwood in Flux

A mysterious flux storm currently limits exploration within Thanabus, specifically the Solarwood region, confining players to a smaller area during the Prologue. As the narrative develops, more regions will unlock, each with unique landscapes and rules. Players should note varying PvP rules by zone, enhancing the dynamic gameplay experience.

Economic Overview

The game's economy, previously detailed, will undergo extensive testing during Prologue. This phase allows for real-time adjustments to ensure a balanced and sustainable in-game economy. $EMBER, essential for buying and merging collectibles within Ember Sword, has a fixed supply of 2.5 billion tokens. Players can earn $EMBER through PvE and PvP events, while landowners can glean additional rewards by hosting Premium Shops and enabling player trades. The distribution of $EMBER directly correlates with active gameplay, ensuring a fluid economic system.

Other Notable Developments

Since the last update, focus areas have included world-building enhancements in Solarwood, diverse character customization options, new skins for armor and weapons, dynamic world interactions through NPC and creature patrols, and the debut of the in-game Premium Shop offering exclusive skins and emotes during Prologue.

Final Thoughts

Ember Sword: Prologue marks a pivotal step, offering a sneak peek into the game's evolving world and laying the foundation for future expansions. The development team's dedication to integrating player feedback ensures a vibrant and engaging gaming experience for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates as Ember Sword propels towards its full release, promising an immersive and ever-growing adventure in the world of Thanabus. For more details, check out the official social media account here.

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